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Sunday, 1 June, 2008

Good morn!!

Hi all,
Have a wonderful start of week ahead!!!!

Worth a TRY!!!
Broken connection?
Something happened in the past and it wasn't pleasant. Heavy words were exchanged, a friendship broke up, and we lost contact with people we are now missing. Broken connections are a tragic fact of our fast-moving life. But whatever the reason for the breakup, these connections can be repaired. Maybe not all of them, but we should not resign; we should give it a try. Don't forget that time is a healer. And modern technology makes it easier than ever for us to reconnect.

A friendly e-mail that communicates that you would like to reconnect is just one idea. Or you could send an unexpected birthday card to the other party. Or depending on the situation, you could even make a phone call addressing the issue in positive, conciliatory words, or use friends in common to convey a message. I am sure you can think of many other ways, once you've made the decision to try. But what if it doesn't work? Then you can pat yourself on the back and be proud that you tried. And then just let go.
Wouldn't it be nice to reconnect with someone? Have the courage to try it!
"Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly."
~Robert F. Kennedy

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