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Wednesday, 11 June, 2008

Cuteee mng!!!

Hi all,
Have a cute day ahead!!!

A Riddle

Four Gallon Puzzle

This is a classic you may have read about before. You are next to a pond, and for whatever reason (okay, I forgot the reason) you need to have exactly four gallons of water in your bucket. The problem is that you have a bucket that holds exactly three gallons, and one that holds exactly five gallons, and they have no marks for lesser amounts.

Can you think of a fast efficient way to measure out exactly four gallons of water?

Answer at the End!

Fact to know!! - All abt Potato...
A study done at the University of Toronto found that you can get a temporary brainpower boost from mashed potatoes. Specifically, those tested had a 32 percent improvement in short-term memory when tested shortly afterwards. It is assumed that this is due to the easy conversion of the potatoes to glucose, which is the brain's primary energy source.

Riddle Answer: Fill the three-gallon bucket, pour it into the five-gallon one, then fill the small one again. This time when you pour the water into the larger one, there will only be space for two more gallons (3+2 = 5), so one gallon will remain. Dump out the five-gallon bucket and pour the gallon of water into it. Now just fill the three-gallon one again and add it to the gallon in the larger bucket. You'll have exactly four gallons.

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Usha said...

idhu aniyayam, en answer soneenga?? I was going to prove that I am intelligent ;) ippadi ennai emathiteengale!!

Vg said...


Unnecessarily i don't want to test ur brain..:))
As it might give result no brain found.. :))))