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Thursday, 26 June, 2008

Happy Weekend!!!

Hi all,
Have a excellent weekend!!!

Motivational Thought!!!
She couldn't stop crying while taking a shower in the dirty tub of the hotel room she was staying at after she got fired from her first job.
The only agent in New York that would work with her left her.
Her own mother told her she had no talent and was throwing her life away.
Experienced agents told her because of her age, it was too late for her to start a career in show business.

She had no money and was living out of one suitcase and sleeping in her car.
Her office was a phone booth in Grand Central Station.
But she held on and never gave up.
Even after 31 years of hearing no from all those around her.
You know her today as Joan Rivers, the popular host of her very own Emmy Award winning TV talk show program.
"I am too blessed to be stressed!"

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Usha said...

Ok, u can consider this either as a tag or as a rag (as in ragging ;) )...ore oru thadavai, just once, motivational post ellam illa, very very ordinary (adhavadhu ennai madhiri pamarangaluku puriyara madhiri :D) post/romance story/rambling/comedy/thittu poda mudiyuma? ;) Pls thappa ninaichukadheenga, night 9:45-kudhan kuttichatan-ku ippadilam vibareedha iddea ellam varum, vandha udane mudalla mattara pakshiku indha gadhidhan :D