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Monday, 26 May, 2008

Excellent mng!!!

Hi all,
Gud mng!!!
Have a excellent day ahead!!!

In research at the University of Illinois-Chicago mice which had an Alzheimer's-like disease were fed almonds. After several months they were tested for memory, and did better than the mice given the usual food. They also had fewer of the abnormal brain deposits thought to underlie the disease.

According to researcher Neelima Chauhan, almonds have substances which act like cholinesterase inhibitors, drugs commonly used to treat Alzheimer's disease. The amount given the mice wasn't that large, either, the human equivalent of about a small handful of almonds daily (15 to 20 nuts). Almonds also contain calcium, magnesium, vitamin E and phytochemicals that may be good for brain health. Other studies have shown almonds to be good for heart health too, so I guess I'll keep on munching on them. ;)

One thing not discussed in the scientific literature is whether it makes a difference if they are roasted or raw. I tend to eat more raw nuts, but almonds are commonly sold roasted as well. I suspect that there isn't an important difference because the compounds that seem to be the most useful in them are not vitamins, which are more likely to be destroyed by heat.

Enjoy those almonds..

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Raz said...

machan . brain illati enna pannrathu? :D

Vg said...

Correct maachi ;-), i should have
included an exception stating that 'Read this, if and only u have brain' .. :)))