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Sunday, 15 June, 2008

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Worth to Follow-- WE FORGET

We quickly forget the stranger whose smile lifted our spirits and helped us get through the day.

We nearly ignore the kind driver who provided us the courtesy of slowing their progress and waving us into their lane.

What would happen if we gave those moments pause? Thanked them silently? Extolled their virtues within ourselves?

Would we become more aware of other people just like them, who, let’s say, make our experience at stores more pleasant? Our phone conversations to customer service departments less stressful? Our meal at a restaurant more enjoyable?

There are so many people who are doing kind things every day. Yet, because there are also those who remind us of past disappointments, or because we are caught up in the chatter of our busy lives, we far too often fail to become an active witness to the thoughtful efforts that the every-day person puts forth.

Although it certainly would be nice if we could expect everyone to treat us with the politeness we desire, we need to recognize that every single person serving us, passing us, moving forward in the world with us; every single person, including us, has personal issues that sometimes interfere with their ability to be as positive as both we and they would prefer.

But if we make a point to NOTICE… If we take even the briefest moment to internally thank those whose attitudes are positive, encouraging, or helpful, a palpable change occurs. Like a refreshing breeze, it passes over us and wafts on to the next person, who is also in need of its restorative powers.

I want to notice. So, today, I am making a list of the many people who have used a funny quip to lighten my spirit at work. I am including those who have paused politely when I crossed the street as a pedestrian, or stood patiently while holding a door. Those who have created a television commercial that made me laugh, or written gentle stories of courage and hope. These kind souls are passing on what they are able. They are sharing the joy and thankfulness they feel today, and by doing so, are offering the same encouragement to us.

Today, I will mentally thank the world for all the little gifts I took for granted when they occurred. And, I am offering this little note as my apology for not noticing and embracing them, the moment they happened.

Tomorrow, I resolve to appreciate them AS they occur, and to pass them on to another!

"When you have nothing left but God, you become aware that God is enough."
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