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Wednesday, 14 May, 2008

Great mng!!!

Hi all,
Have a great day ahead!!!

Life is like that!! :))

"The most practical, beautiful, workable philosophy won't work- if you won't."
-Zig Ziglar


Mystery said...

thanks for dropping by my blog..n thanks again for those lovely comments..:)

Raz said...

good morning to u too!
first time here. hopped here from kavi's blog.

so u r that kinda person who feels grt in the morning huh! i alwAYS used to wonder how it wil be.
coz i am always sulking in the mornings.

Vg said...


Thanks kavi.. U have a wonderful blog to read thru.. :) Keep posting doctor...


While going thru kavi's blog, i thought u as guy.but when visited ur blog, came to u r gal.. :))
Yep i always want to keep myself engergtic with the start of the day.. May be in afternoon, might get level go down.. :))

Raz said...

public a valingee irukenaaa :D ha ha viji... check my blog, kavi's blog n shiv's blog
we have a dedicated section for valingifying ;)

Usha said...

where do you get these comic strips from? Sema hilarious!! :))

Vg said...


Read ur posts from the first and then only understood neenga eppadi ellam jolluvittu irrukeenga-nu.. :)


Enna pannurathu.. ellam my friends than.. they are the great source for sending such fun to me..