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Sunday, 18 May, 2008

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Growing Old

Nothing but FACT!!!

Pluto is the only planet in our solar system that has not been visited by a spacecraft.

Where No Spaceship Has Dared To Go

The outcast in any group is usually a contrary character, and so it goes with planets as well as people. For Pluto, the most distant planet in the solar system, is a bit of an anomaly when compared to the rest of its distant relations.

For one thing, Pluto rotates in a direction opposite to that of most other planets. It also has a bizarre orbital pattern, and while technically the furthest planet from the sun, for the twenty years between 1979-1999, it was actually closer to the sun than Neptune.

When the modern age of astronomy was still quite young back around 1930, mistaken calculations posed the theory that there was another planet beyond Neptune and Uranus. The figures were wrong, but the theory was right. Unaware of the error, Clyde W.

Tombaugh went looking in the heavens and totally by accident, found the planetary outcast.

The name Pluto is thought to have derived from the Roman god who was lord of the underworld, since the planet is in almost eternal darkness. That darkness is literal as well as figurative, since at a distance of more than five billion kilometers, it is the only planet never visited by any king of space mission.

That is about to change. Maybe as early as 2015. For in 2006, a ship was launched at Pluto, with expectations of a nine-year journey before landing.



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Raz said...

wow . so much abt pluto.. itha ellam enga irunthu pudikure?

Vg said...


Even i too felt the same, after reading that fact..
Ellam net-la irrunthu than madam.. :))