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Thursday, 31 January, 2008

Friday mn!!!

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Have a cute day and excellent weekend!!!

The four blessed looks:

Look back and thank God.

Look forward and trust God.

Look around and serve God.

Look within and find God!"

"I asked God, 'How do I get the best out of life?'

God said, 'Face your past without regrets. Handle your present

With confidence. And prepare for the future without fear!'"

"Without God, our week is: Mournday, Tearsday, Wasteday,

Thirstday, Fightday, Shatterday and Sinday. So, allow Him to be with you

Every day!"

"Life is short, so Forgive quickly. Believe slowly. Love truly.

Laugh uncontrollably. Never regret anything that makes you happy. "

Jus Laugh out!!! :)))))))
A college student needed a small two-hour course to fill his schedule and the only one available was wildlife Zoology. So he joined in and after one week of study, a test was held. The professor passed out a sheets of small paper where in each square was a carefully drawn picture of a bird's legs. No bodies, no feet, just legs.

The test asked each student to identify the birds from their legs. Our student sat and stared at the test getting angrier every minute.

Finally he stomped up to the front of the classroom and threw the test on the teacher's desk. "This is the worst test I have ever written."

The teacher looked up and said: "Young man, you have not filled in anything and you definitely have failed the test. Tell me, what's your name?"

The student pulled up his pant to the knee showing his legs and said, "You tell me..."

"If you detach yourself from identification with the body and remain relaxed in and as Consciousness,
you will, this very moment, be happy, at peace, free from bondage."
-Ashtavakra Gita

Tuesday, 29 January, 2008

Goodie mng!!!

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Have a excellent day ahead!!!
small words BIG thought!!!
Ordinary People

Walking on the road, you pass so many people. Some look confident, purposeful, well-dressed, well-maintained. But the majority appear so ordinary, wear ill-fitting clothes, unfashionable footwear, have too much fat or too little, nothing remarkable about them, nothing attractive.

But yet someone somewhere eagerly waits for this unimpressive man to come home every evening.
Someone's entire world turns around the strength of this frail-looking woman.
Someone's very purpose in life hinges on this brash youngster cutting through traffic.
Someone knows only the shelter of these old arms each time their world begins to crumble.
Someone will count hours, minutes, and weep like a child when this pock-marked face alights from a long-distance train.

Someone will cave in, crack up, and never be the same again if this one person disappears from the face of the world.

There are no ordinary people.
Drive carefully.

"A conclusion is the place where you got tired of thinking."
-- Unknown

Sunday, 27 January, 2008

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Have a excellent week ahead!!!

Pictures Speak!! (GE bulb first advertisement)

Worth a read(FOLLOW)!!!!
Accept Where You Are Only As A Starting Point
By Byron Pulsifer

Where you are today in your life is only a reflection of what thoughts you've been holding. Let's make this plain and simple. If your thoughts are dwelling on your current circumstances, for example, same old job going nowhere, lots of debt, worrying about how you're going to survive, then this is what you will continue to attract to your life.

What you are saying, in fact, by holding these thoughts currently, is that you don't have the latent power within to make things change for the positive. Is this what you really want to say and do? I think not.

So, how do you start to change your life to unfold into better times, being what you want to be, to do, or to have?

First, you need to recognize that you have complete control over how and what you think. Nobody controls your thoughts unless you've given them the power to do so. These thoughts are what can move you to direct the power within you to choose whatever you want in your life. Where you are today is just that – it is only where you are not where you are going to be. But, you have to control your thoughts so that you possess not only positive thoughts of where you will be but highly emotional thoughts. The more emotional your positive thoughts, the stronger they are. Unfortunately, this emotional power can work in reverse - so don't give emotional strength to negative thoughts.

You are responsible for you. The sooner you accept this, the sooner you can move away from your current situation to something more pleasing, exciting and worthwhile. Most people don't take responsibility for their current situation preferring to believe that outside forces, circumstances, birth, training, or world conditions design their destiny.

Here's a point to remember as quoted from the "The Science of Getting Rich":

"Your circumstances right now are ONLY current reality. And current reality CAN CHANGE."

It's time for a major change; stop thinking about the way things are right now and start thinking about how they should be. Take responsibility for your own life – don't let others, circumstances, nor nay-sayers dissuade you from aspiring to what you want.

“If you don't try — then there is NO experience.”
~ Nicholas Marchan

Sunday, 20 January, 2008

Gud mn!!

Hi all,
Have a wonderful week ahead!!!!

small words GREAT thoughts!!!

I am sorry!
We make a mistake or say something we shouldn't have said. We know of course that the stormy weather this creates could be alleviated with a simple "I am sorry," but we don't use these words; we prefer to wait a while, thinking that the problem will blow over. But that only makes things worse. There is no better way to clear the air than to say, "I am sorry," and the sooner the better. Isn't it amazing that we are so reluctant to use these magic words?

In some families, please is described as the magic word.
In our house, however, it was "I am sorry."
- Margaret Laurence
The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.
- Mahatma Gandhi
For some reason, we find it difficult to apologize. Those three words seem to either get stuck in our throats or come out sounding fake and insincere. Why is that? Do we think that saying "I am sorry" is an act of weakness? It isn't - it's a sign of strength. We could also look at it from another angle. To say "I am sorry" (if we really mean it) is the best way to prevent us from spending a lot of time and negative energy on something that could easily be fixed.
Have you made a mistake? Use the three words, even if it hurts a bit. It could hurt more later

"The cardiologist's diet: If it tastes good, spit it out. -- Unknown"

Thursday, 17 January, 2008

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small words BIG thought!!!
She got the idea while on a train ride to London in the summer of 1990.
After that, during the span of 4 years, she:
- Lost her mother to multiple sclerosis
- Married her husband who began to abuse her
- Experienced a miscarriage
- Went through a divorce
- And was fired from her job
She then went on to write the book which would make her a billionaire and the richest woman in England.
You know her today as the author of the Harry Potter series, J.K. Rowling.
"It is not the failure of others to appreciate your abilities that should trouble you, but rather your failure to appreciate theirs."
Ancient Chinese Philosopher

Sunday, 13 January, 2008

Good mng!!!

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Information you should know!!

In a recent incident reported, a man posing as a Police Officer arrested a young lady and a gentleman and demanded for driving license and other identity documents. Since the man did not have the documents the Police officer advised him to bring them from home and asked the lady to accompany him to the police station. When he attempted to take her to an isolated area she sensed danger and got away.

Above incident aside … are we fully aware of the provisions governing arrest of a Woman. The key points are,

  • A woman has the right to refuse to go to a Police Station between 1800 hrs and 0600 hrs, even if an arrest warrant has been issued against her.
  • However a woman can be arrested between 1800 hrs to 0600 hrs if she is taken into custody by a woman officer and taken to an All Women’s Police Station.
  • If she is arrested by a male officer, it is mandatory and has to be proven that a woman officer was also beside them, at the time of arrest.

All the Police Officers are aware of the above procedure.

"Don't worry if your work is hard and your rewards are few.
Remember the mighty oak was once a nut like you."

Thursday, 10 January, 2008


Goodie mng!!!

Hi all,
Have a excellent day and fun-filled Weekend!!

Pictures SPEAK!!!
small words BIG thought!!

"I grew up with six brothers," says comedian Bob Hope. "That's how I learned to dance, waiting to get into the bathroom."

Patience may not come easily for you. But whether or not you share a bathroom with others, you can get plenty of practice. We're
presented daily with amply opportunity to learn patience.

After moving to the city. I grew impatient with the bumper-to-bumper traffic. I decided to keep a harmonica in the glove compartment, along with a beginner's book. When traffic was held up, I took out my harmonica and played. I figured I could either practice patience or practice the harmonica. The harmonica seemed like more fun. My patience still needs practice, but the harmonica is coming along.

Benjamin Franklin learned that persistence and patience were crucial to the success of his scientific experiments. He once said, "Genius is nothing but a greater aptitude for patience." So he practiced patience.

You can be a genius...just be patient! All it takes is practice.
"Be like a postage stamp. Stick to it until you get there."
-Bob Proctor

Wednesday, 9 January, 2008

Good morning!!!

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Worth to Know!!!! - Dont miss!!

This is very important information about a web site called as www.saferindia.com
This is a site of an NGO started by Ms Kiran Bedi, you can go to this site and log your complaint regarding any crime if the police at your place is not accepting your complaint. Then this NGO will mail your complaint to the DGP of your area. You can also use this mail as the legal document in case of filing a case in the court of judgment.
This is to be noted that this site is directly administered by Ms Kiran Bedi so all your mails directly goes to her .
"If you are good, be better."

Monday, 7 January, 2008

Good mng!!!

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small words BIG thought!!

Sometimes, when you can't find what you're looking for, after looking high and low, left and right, it's always a good idea to ask someone for help to find it.
More often that not, they will find it for you and what's more, it was probably right in front of you the entire time.
You just needed a fresh perspective to see it.
"Many of our fears are tissue paper thin, and a single courageous step would carry us clear through them." -- Brendan Francis

Thursday, 3 January, 2008

Good day !!!

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Have a great day and fantastic week end!!!!

small words Wonderful thought!!!
Perhaps Einstein said it best: "Imagination is more powerful than knowledge". Time and again it's been proven that our brains cannot tell the difference between something we vividly imagine and something we actually experience.

Once you understand this, it can transform your life. For example, many people are afraid to try something just because they've never done it before. Yet the foundation of leaders' success is that, despite past experiences to the contrary, they repeatedly imagine obtaining their desired results. In this way they forge the sense of certainty that guides them to tap into their true potential.

Do you have a goal that excites you but involves doing something you've never done before? When would now be a good to start imagining yourself succeeding?

"Children are likely to live up to what you believe of them."
-- Lady Bird Johnson

Wednesday, 2 January, 2008

Gooodie mn!!!

Hi all,
Have a nice day and year ahead!!!

small words Wonderful thought!!!

Lee Iacocca, the president of a then ailing Chrysler company was wandering the factory floors one night.
A couple of workers saw him walking around and approached him and suggested that one of the car models on the floor would look better as a convertible.
His response?
He asked for a blowtorch in order to help cut the roof off one of those cars.
He then drove the car for a week to see the kind of reaction he got from people on the streets.
That one suggestion and action he took led to the re-introduction of the convertible to Chrysler's lineup which ultimately helped reinvigorate the financially ailing company.
And the idea came without any meetings, without any paperwork, without any red tape.
Just his open ears, a quick decision, and a blowtorch.
"Nothing in life is promised except death. "
- Kanye West