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Wednesday, 2 January, 2008

Gooodie mn!!!

Hi all,
Have a nice day and year ahead!!!

small words Wonderful thought!!!

Lee Iacocca, the president of a then ailing Chrysler company was wandering the factory floors one night.
A couple of workers saw him walking around and approached him and suggested that one of the car models on the floor would look better as a convertible.
His response?
He asked for a blowtorch in order to help cut the roof off one of those cars.
He then drove the car for a week to see the kind of reaction he got from people on the streets.
That one suggestion and action he took led to the re-introduction of the convertible to Chrysler's lineup which ultimately helped reinvigorate the financially ailing company.
And the idea came without any meetings, without any paperwork, without any red tape.
Just his open ears, a quick decision, and a blowtorch.
"Nothing in life is promised except death. "
- Kanye West

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