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Tuesday, 24 March, 2009

Fabulous mng!!!

Hi all,
Have a nice day!!!

Did You Know...

- Those who eat more saturated animal fat during middle-age double their risk of Alzheimers.
- The tongue of a Blue whale weighs as much as a full grown elephant.

Something to Follow!!!!

Drink Juice
You probably know that the antioxidants in fruits and vegetables are good for brain health (as well as health in general).
Now research from Vanderbilt University shows that drinking fruit or vegetable juice (any type) three times weekly can reduce your odds of getting Alzheimer's disease by up to 76%.
Avoid the "fruit drinks" which are mostly sugar and water, though. Drink pure fruit or vegetable juice.
"I have never met a man so ignorant that I couldn't learn something from him."
- Galileo Galilei

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