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Tuesday, 28 July, 2009

Mothi vilayadu

First time i am writing review abt a film..
I usually circulate film review comments thru mails not in blog.. Seeing Raz's blog review abt Vamanan, induced me to post the review..
I wonder how saran directed such a film.. We(Me & husb) expected a lot as it is Saran film.. We watched on the 2nd day of the release of the film.. People were merely laughing each n every scene(Dont dare to think that is due to comedy-nu).. Obviously, due to director's thought in the story..
Dont dare to watch the film, its mere kiddish to see such a film.. Still if u r eager to watch the film, i would request to join only after the intermission,... That too 2 minutes after intermission.. Same old masala stuff in the film.. :))
Do post in ur review if u dare to watch it.. :)))))


Carpe Diem said...

kelvi paten naanum intha film a pathi..but heard that he has spend a lot

Raz said...

machi. en frnd intha movie poganum nu enna paduthi yedutha.... interval o da velila poganum nu kutitu vanthuta... :D