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Monday, 1 June, 2009

Gudd mng!!

Hi all,
Have a wonderful day ahead!!!

small words BIG thoughts!!!

Her husband committed suicide by overdosing on Valium.

Her daughter didn't talk to her for two years after that happened.

Her agent then told her she would probably never find work again after being fired by Fox.
And she was flat broke.

How in the world does somebody cope with all that?

Especially when it happened all at once?


Well she did.

She looked toward the future and slowly rebuilt her personal and professional life.

She reconciled with her daughter.
She found a ton of work.

She's not flat broke anymore.

And she also just recently won the Celebrity Apprentice.

She is the one, the only - Joan Rivers.

And if she can come back from something like that, it just goes to show how much potential we all have inside ourselves to bounce back from whatever life throws at us,

No matter how hard or how fast it hits us.

"Every time we open our mouths, men look into our minds."


G3 said...

Good Morning Vg :))))))

Vg said...

Remba seekaram office vunthitu gm sollureenga. .;)